We’re a female-centric marketing agency that seeks truth and

connection through creative messaging.

Our focus is Peak Women, 45 – 70, who represents the most powerful,

yet misunderstood, buying segment of any demographic.

They’re wise, funny, inquisitive and can smell bullshit a mile away.

Women, 45 – 70 :


We understand the barriers, nuances, and multi-faceted

aspects of the Boomer and Gen X woman,

She feels she is a 50 or 60 that the world has never seen.

And they haven’t.

So, are you building a real relationship with her?

Or are you faking it?

Our Focus

As a female-driven agency that focuses on females, 45 – 70, we know these women because we are them. Pink isn’t a strategy and masculine cartoon characters will get an eye roll.

Design & Advertising

Peak Women are a diverse group of individuals who are going through various life stages, from motherhood to caring for parents. We empathize and build truthful relationships with our audience through many messaging mediums.



We go where our target goes, which is digital as well. That includes nurture email programs, websites, digital advertising and video campaigns, and more.

Image Creation

We also specialize in providing gorgeous, original imagery with unlimited lifetime usage. We develop and build custom photo libraries and videos that connect with women and help tell your brand’s story.

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Seattle, Washington

” With Frank + Candor, we continue to garner higher brand awareness and generate more conversions with our overall marketing campaign.”

Margot Warren

Dignity Memorial/SCI Marketing & CRM Director