We focus on advertising to older women, (Boomers and Gen X),

who represent the most powerful, yet misunderstood, demographic.

They’re wise, funny, inquisitive and can smell B.S. a mile away.



They represent 85% of all buying power. It’s no wonder women have become a prime target for marketers. And why so many are jumping on the “female-centric” bandwagon. (Regrettably, most have painted it pink, replaced the rearview mirror with a make-up mirror, and filled it with stereotypes and insults.) Today’s marketers think they’re talking to women, but that’s precisely the problem. They’re talking “to” women.

Frank + Candor is changing the dialogue. We talk “with” women. Recognizing them as the complex and completely unique beings they are and connecting with them in a truly authentic way. Frankly. And candorously.

  • OUR FOCUS: Women 45-70. OUR MISSION: Don't treat them like women 45-70.

    It’s a new world. Woman today are younger, hipper, smarter, healthier, more resourceful, more engaged, more tech-savvy, more educated, more influential, more often the primary breadwinner, the list goes on. They’re single, married, divorced, LGBT, moms, older with young kids, younger without kids, caregivers for their parents, students, entrepreneurs, career women, employed part-time, retired, or more than one of the above. They’re baby boomers or late Gen X, of different ethnicities and religions, with distinct values, concerns and lifestyles – all of whom want to be considered people before women. And not the same. But they do have one thing in common. They are spending dynamos. They have money and they’re not afraid to spend it.

  • Woman today may or may not carry a handbag. But they control the purse strings.

    Women are the key decision-makers of the household. They either do the spending or influence it. (So while our focus is women, don’t think we’re not reaching men as well, because we are.) They’re making decisions on food, clothes, and cleaning products, sure, but also health insurance, schools, vacations, home improvement, investments (women own the majority of stocks), computers, electronics and cars*. Women currently hold 60% of the nation’s personal wealth and it’s growing fast, with women 50-70 (baby boomer age and slightly younger) as the biggest, most powerful market segment. That’s why understanding them is so very critical. Granted, we have an edge. Most of us are women – all of us within that age bracket.

    * Yes, cars.

  • We’ve replaced maxi-pad-empowered women, working moms with babies on-the-go, and girls in wet t-shirts washing cars with something rare and refreshing: HONESTY.

    There are countless ads that objectify women, but brands miss the mark with their female audience many other ways as well. Here are some sure-fire ways to miss the mark with your women-centric marketing:

    • Treat them like they’re all the same.
    • Be patronizing.
    • Insult them.
    • Emphasize age (young) or weight (thin).
    • Avoid showing women in positions of power / authority.
    • Tell them what to do / think.
    • Make them invisible. (ex:  If it’s an ad about investing, only feature men.)

    Not-So-Fun Fact:  The majority of women don’t trust advertising. Nor do they trust brands to live up to their promises. Hmmm…wonder why.

  • The Frank + Candor Way.

    While honesty is our secret weapon, we don’t just shoot from the hip. Research always comes first. We’re constantly digging for buying behaviors of women, consumer trends, and perceptions. And finding answers to our questions not only from published findings but from women themselves. Who better?

    Couple that with a deep understanding of your business and the marketplace and we’re equipped to develop a strategic plan for your business or campaign. Then comes the fun part. Ideation. An exchange of concepts by prolific, inventive minds who know storytelling beats stereotyping, empathy overrides indifference, creativity crushes clichés, and celebrating the ambitions and accomplishments of women is one of the best ways to empower.

    We can’t share all of our trade secrets here, but that’s our process in a nutshell. And just as we create an honest, collaborative, transparent relationship with our consumers, we do the same with our clients.


Be it an award-winning national TV campaign for a business with 2,000 locations or a table tent for a catamaran on an island in the Pacific, Frank + Candor provides strategic solutions that can literally transform a client’s business, endearing brands to women and women to brands.


“Pink it and shrink it” is not a design strategy. Appealing to women is hard work and we do that work up front before diving into execution, so the net aesthetic is the brand crystalized beyond your wildest expectations. And hers.


More and more digital consumers are women and their needs are ever-changing. We strive to stay ahead of the curve. Going where our target goes. And that means mobile marketing, digital ads, online videos, nurture email programs, the list goes on.


Frank + Candor offers stunning original imagery with unlimited usage. (Something you can’t get from most ad agencies, or stock photo houses, for that matter.) We create custom photo libraries and videos that tell your brand story in a truly original and genuine way.

” With Frank + Candor, we continue to garner higher brand awareness

and generate more conversions with our overall marketing campaign.”

Margot Warren

Dignity Memorial/SCI Marketing & CRM Director

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